502 dogs and cats were spayed or

neutered in 2015 through our

Low Cost Spay & Neuter Program!!

174 Female Dogs 

94 Male Dogs

133 Female Cats 

101 Male Cats


Click on the photo below to print your flyer  now!

For the Love of Paws, Inc

It's tax season and once again H&R Block in Oneida is generously donating $20 to our organization for each new customer that turns in the flyer when having their taxes filed. So please share this with your friends and family members. If you don't have a printer you can pick up a flyer at Cumberland Animal Clinic or Highland Vet Hospital both located in Oneida.

For the Love of Paws, Inc Low Cost Spay Neuter Program 2015 Stats

H & R Block Helps in Oneida, TN is helping animals in Scott County.

World Spay Day Comes to Scott County!

Thank you to all the folks in Scott County who made the decision to be responsible pet owners and take advantage of this amazing program!

The last Tuesday in February is celebrated as World Spay Day.  The Tennessee House of Representatives has passed a State Resolution making February 23rd, 2016 Spay Day across our state with a goal of encouraging more spay/neuter of pets belonging to Tennessee residents.  Mayor Dale Perdue signed a proclamation on February 19th at 3:30 pm at the Scott County Office Building to make February 23d "Spay Day" in Scott County, encouraging pet owners to fix their cats and dogs.

 Scott County is one of the many in Tennessee without animal control or a shelter so prevention of unwanted litters remains our best defense against strays and abandoned animals. For the Love of Paws, (FTLOP) reminds everyone that friends don't let friends have unwanted litters and thanks all the Scott County pet owners that have made the life-saving decision to fix their pets, over 1,300 cats and dogs "fixed" so far.

If you would like more information about our low cost spay neuter programs or to schedule an appointment to spay/neuter your pet, please call For the Love of Paws at 423 223-8241.